3 Reasons To Choose Cremation Instead Of A Traditional Burial

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3 Reasons To Choose Cremation Instead Of A Traditional Burial

28 December 2017
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Have you been giving some thought to the things you want to have happen once you pass on? Are you getting ready to write out your will so that everyone knows what should be done? One thing that you should include as part of your will and other important final documents is information on what sort of expectations and arrangements you want in regards to your funeral. Although none of this is pleasant to think about, such things are extremely important to document. If you hadn't been giving much thought to the matter yet, here are some reasons why you should consider cremation instead of a more traditional burial:

Low cost: The price of everything is always on the rise. There are many things that may have cost only a few dollars when you were growing up but that now cost significantly more than that. The same is true of burials. A burial that would only have cost your parents or grandparents a few hundred dollars may now cost several thousand dollars. When added to other possible expenses, such as medical bills, that will need to be paid, this can make an ordinary burial too expensive for the common person. Fortunately, the cost of cremation often starts in the hundreds, going up in price as they become more elaborate.

More convenient: When you pass on, family and friends have two choices. They can take time off work to arrange and attend your funeral immediately, something that not everyone can do on such short notice, or they can pay the funeral home to store your body until people are able to attend. The first option could lead to immediate financial hardship for family and friends, while the second choice can be extremely expensive. With cremation funeral services, your body can be cremated immediately and your ashes stored by a friend or family member. When enough people are able to arrange for time off work, a memorial service can be held while your ashes are interred in their final resting place.

Remembrances: If you don't really know where you want your final resting place to be, cremation funeral services can be a great option. Instead of one large urn, as is more traditional, you can have your ashes placed into several much smaller urns. Whereas most people only get one final resting place, your ashes can be given to several different family and friends for them to remember you by.

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