Discussing Cremation With Your Family: Four Things To Consider

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Discussing Cremation With Your Family: Four Things To Consider

31 December 2017
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If you are in the process of pre-planning your funeral and you decide on cremation, you may want to discuss your decision with your family. Some relatives may be uneasy with the idea of cremation, but talking about it in advance can help them understand your choice and respect your wishes. Here are a few things to remember as you talk about cremation.

Discuss the Reasons for Your Choice

People have different reasons for choosing cremation. Some prefer to have their ashes spread where they can become a part of a favorite place, while others choose it as a more natural alternative to embalming and burial. Discussing the reasoning behind your decision can help your family to understand why you want to be cremated.

Let Them Decide If There Will Be A Viewing

In some cases, a family member's opposition to cremation may simply be due to not understanding the process. It is possible to have a viewing before the cremation process begins, and your family may want this to help them gain closure after you are gone. If your loved ones feel that having a viewing is important, take this into consideration and think about including a wake in your funeral plans.

Determine What Will Be Done With Cremains

Another concern might be what happens to your cremains after you are gone. If you have a plan in mind, talk to your loved ones about it in advance. You may want to have the ashes interred at a traditional grave site, or you may want to have them scattered. However, it is possible that family members may want to have an urn after the cremation process is complete. Remember that you can honor both your own wishes and those of your family by having the cremains distributed partially into smaller urns, leaving the rest to be handled in the way you prefer.

Listen To Their Feedback

Sometimes, simply letting your family talk about their feelings on the subject can help them come to terms with your decision. Take time to listen to each person, and reinforce that you hear what is being said. Their opinions may make you change your mind, but they may feel better about being heard.

Ultimately, the decision to be cremated is yours to make. Have all of the details laid out in your pre-paid funeral plan as well as your will, and stress to your family just how important it is that they respect your wishes. Contact a business like American Cremation Society to learn more.