Three Things To Consider If You Want To Have A Custom Monument Created

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Three Things To Consider If You Want To Have A Custom Monument Created

6 January 2018
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When a loved one passes away, you want to honor them in every way that you can. A great way to do this is to have an amazing monument created to put on their grave. It is important to make sure that you properly plan the monument so that you can enjoy coming to visit it later on down the road. The following guide walks you through the things that you need to consider when having a monument created.

Consider What You Want the Monument to be Made From

A moment can be made from many different materials including metal, iron, or even granite. The cost of the monument will vary exponentially depending on the material you choose when having it created. It is best to discuss all of your options with the manufacturer of the monument before choosing one option over another option to ensure that the one you choose is right for the design that you are hoping to create.

Consider the Size of the Monument

You need to talk to the cemetery where your loved one is buried to find out what the restrictions are when it comes to the size and design of the monument. There are limitations in place so that everyone is able to fit a monument at the gravesite of their loved ones. The director of the cemetery will be able to give you exact dimensions for the accepted sizes for monuments, so you can have the right one created.

Consider the Design for the Monument

If you want the monument to feature a very elaborate design, such as an image of your loved one who passed away, you need to choose a manufacturer who uses a laser to etch the monuments. This will ensure that the monument that you have created looks as detailed as it possibly can so that your family will be happy with it when it is done. Be sure to choose an image of your loved one that everyone in the family loves so that they can all look at it fondly when they come to visit.

It will take some time for a custom monument to be created. Once it is created, it will be delivered to the cemetery and the workers at the cemetery should install it for you. You may have to pay a slight fee depending on how heavy and awkward the monument is to install.

Having a custom laser etching monument created for someone you love may help you to feel at peace with their passing. You will know that you did everything that you could to show them love and respect, even after they passed away.