Simple Ways School-Aged Children Can Contribute To A Funeral

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Simple Ways School-Aged Children Can Contribute To A Funeral

10 January 2018
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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is extraordinarily difficult for anyone. It can be especially painful for kids. Adults have been able to develop coping skills over a lifetime, while children haven't had much time to do so. Kids may have a more limited understanding of death, and the loss can be hard for them to grasp.

You may be able to help children accept and deal with the loss by involving them in the cremation service. Kids can be involved in many aspects of the service. Consider the following ways that you can include school-aged children in the cremation service.

Ask Kids to Contribute an Illustration for the Cremation Service Program

Shy children who may be afraid to get up in front of the crowd can still be a part of the cremation service. You may request that mourning kids contribute an illustration to the cremation service program. Encourage children to draw something the loved one enjoyed doing or seeing. For example, if your lost loved one loved roses or a beloved dog, you may suggest kids draw that.

Include Children in Song Tributes

Guests are sure to be comforted by the sweet sounds of children singing at the funeral. It can also be wonderful for children to be able to express themselves through a song. Music is commonly considered to be a universal language for very good reasons. It can empower kids to feel like they are remembering the lost loved one in a beautiful way.

Request That Children Share Their Favorite Memories

If the children who want to participate in the funeral aren't shy about talking in front of the people who will attend the funeral, request that they share a favorite memory or two of the lost loved one. You may suggest to their parents that they help them go over what they want to say and perhaps even rehearse it. That can help children feel confident when sharing in public.

Suggest That Kids Do Something Simple

Children don't have to do something complicated to be involved in the memorial service. If you know that your little ones may behave unpredictably on the day of the cremation service, don't put a huge responsibility in their hands. You may include children in simple ways like having them light or carry a candle, carry flowers, or hand out cremation service programs.

Finally, children are resilient beings, but it's important to shelter them from pain whenever possible. You may take kids to see a therapist during this time of loss. The guidance of a counselor who often works with children can help little ones through this ordeal. When children have help working through these tough emotions, they may really appreciate being a part of the cremation service. It can help them feel good about remembering the lost loved one. To learn more, contact a funeral home like Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn