Are You Planning Your Own Funeral?

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A couple of years ago, one of my dear friend’s mother lost her brave battle with cancer. Although my friend was sad, she was happy her mother wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. With the help of a local funeral home, my friend and her family planned a funeral service to celebrate the amazing life of their loved one. After discussing the order of service with the caring staff at the funeral home, my friend decided to read the beautiful eulogy her mother wrote at the funeral service. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common types of tasks a funeral home provides to families of deceased loved ones. Enjoy!


Are You Planning Your Own Funeral?

19 January 2018
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If you have decided to plan your own funeral, that is a very considerate act on your part. Think about it. Those who are left behind will already by grieving for you, and facing making funeral plans will just add to their burden. However, if you take care of eery detail that is connected with a funeral, your loved ones will be spared that sad burden. From writing down things that are important to you to buying a funeral package, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your own funeral.

Think Of Details - Consider what you really want at your funeral. For example, if you have favorite hymns or other music, write down which ones you want to include in your funeral service. You might even have a special friend who would be willing to sing or play the piano or the violin. If you want particular stories or anecdotes as part of the eulogy, be sure to write those incidents down. Think about writing a letter than can be read to those who attend your funeral service. Besides expressing love and appreciation to your friends and family, the letter could include other personal thoughts that you want to share. For example, if you want to express how much it has meant to you to be part of a particular organization, write that in your letter.

Ask several people who are close to you to be speakers. It's good to have more than one or two people, just in case one of them is not available at the time of your death. Be sure to let each of them know who the others are that you have asked to speak.

Purchase A Funeral Package - Think about purchasing ahead of time things like the casket, flowers, a guest book, and even the transportation that will take you from the funeral home to your final resting place. By purchasing a funeral package ahead of time, you can know that all financial obligations that go with being buried will be taken care of at the time of your death. A funeral home director will be happy to work with you, showing you different coffins and different packages that will meet your specifications.

Be sure to tell more than one person about what you have planned. Have things in writing, too. Be sure to tell somebody where your papers are, including any fees that you have paid for your funeral package. For more information, contact establishments like Abriola Parkview Funeral Home.