Details To Consider When Choosing A Headstone For A Child

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Details To Consider When Choosing A Headstone For A Child

25 January 2018
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For any parent, there is nothing more difficult than the death of a child. Even as you mourn, you have a number of duties that you'll need to consider. Getting through the funeral is a big accomplishment, and next on your list of priorities will be to think about a headstone. Your funeral director or funeral home like Maurice Moore Memorials can put you in contact with a headstone company that can gently discuss options for you. You'll need to think about exactly how you want your deceased child's headstone to appear — and, rest assured, there's no right way. There are, however, some considerations that you should think about as you make this difficult decision.

Child-Friendly Imagery

Many bereaved parents of deceased children opt for headstones that contain some manner of child-friendly imagery. While a mature adult's headstone might have images such as a cross, flowers, or something that pertains to the person's interests, you'll often find several different options when it comes to images for a child's headstone. For example, a headstone might have an image of a stuffed animal, or perhaps even a three-dimensional element that depicts such an image. If you can, think of some sort of image that your child liked, as this can provide comfort for you each time you visit the cemetery.

Delicate Language

On many headstones, you'll see phrases that are common, such as "In loving memory" or "Rest in peace." These sentiments are certainly fine to use on your child's headstone, especially if they resonate with you. However, this is also an opportunity to use the type of delicate language that you'd use upon talking to a child. Such phrasing might be highly emotional to think about and to see on the headstone during future visits but can really suit the situation. For example, you could write "Mommy and Daddy Love You."

Built-In Lighting

Many children are afraid of the dark, and even though your child has passed away, you might feel uneasy about the idea of his or her remains being kept in a dark cemetery. The simplest way to feel better about this scenario is to choose a headstone that has built-in lighting. This feature is widely available, and whether it's a light at the base of the stone or some other type of lighting fixture — typically operated by solar panel so that you never have to change batteries — this can be a fitting touch for the headstone for your child.