Funeral Planning: Selecting Clothing For Your Loved One

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Funeral Planning: Selecting Clothing For Your Loved One

25 January 2018
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When it comes to planning a funeral, there are countless small details to take into account. Selecting clothing and accessories for your loved one is one step you may not have considered. If your loved one didn't state what he or she wanted, you may be unsure about what to pick. Here are some helpful ideas you can use as you select burial clothing.

Choose Clothes That Offer Full Coverage

When selecting an outfit, you'll want to select an outfit that covers as much skin as possible. This will help to mask any imperfections while creating a comfortable resting look. Select long sleeves and a high collar, but consider clothing that can be easily put on. Button-down shirts or blouses may be preferable to a turtleneck. If a sleeveless dress is selected, opt for a cardigan or sweater to layer on top.

Take Personality Into Consideration

If your loved one never wore a suit or dress, think about clothing options that he or she might have actually worn in life. For some people, this might mean a T-shirt and jacket, or it might be a simple sweater with slacks. If possible, take a look in your loved one's closet for a favorite outfit. You can also use items in the closet to help determine the correct size if you are planning to purchase a new outfit. If your loved one was a member of the military, ask your funeral home director to help determine which type of military dress should be included for dressing.

Remember Undergarments

Your loved one should wear a complete outfit that might have been worn during life, and that includes undergarments. Select appropriate foundations for women that are sized to fit, and avoid items that might be too tight, as they may be difficult to put on. Include socks for males, and for females wearing a dress, consider knee-high or thigh-high stockings for easy dressing. Shoes are optional, but you may feel more comfortable knowing that your loved one was dressed from head to toe for burial.

It's a good idea to give your funeral home director a picture of your loved one as he or she typically looked every day. This can help the staff to apply makeup and style hair properly so your relative looks more like he or she did before passing away. If your loved one was battling a long-term illness, offer a picture of before the illness began. In some cases, the funeral home can make your relative look more like he or she did before the time of death. For more information, visit a site such as