Memorial Grave Marker Benches: Three Ideas To Consider

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Memorial Grave Marker Benches: Three Ideas To Consider

25 January 2018
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Memorial grave marker benches offer a unique way to honor your loved one's memory. The bench portion provides a place to sit while paying your respects, and it can also be used to display potted plants and flowers throughout the year. There are many different designs to consider, and the following three options may provide you with inspiration as you begin shopping for a bench to mark your loved one's grave.

Traditional Benches

Traditional benches typically feature a simple slab on two pedestals, and they may come with or without a seat back. Your loved one's name and other information can be engraved on the seat back or along the edge of the seat to create a touching memorial. You can use this option for one person or to mark a couple's grave, which can offer a beautiful way to honor parents or grandparents after they have passed.

Headstone/Bench Combo

For people who still want the traditional look of a headstone but also want the added features of a bench, it is possible to combine both. Some memorial grave marker benches come with a headstone featured prominently in the center, leaving smaller seating areas on either side. This option is ideal for a family plot, as the information for the whole family, including the family name, can be engraved on the headstone portion. The small seats offer a convenient place to display flowers, and the space underneath each seat can be used for a flat grave marker to reflect the name of those buried on either side.

Cremation Memorial Benches

Even if your loved one has chosen cremation, you can still mark a grave with a memorial bench. Cremation benches feature some of the same details as the above options, but they also include compartments for cremains. This provides a beautiful way to inter the ashes while also giving you a place to visit when you want to pay your respects. These benches can include a single urn compartment for one family member, or they can have multiple compartments for use at a family grave.

Each bench option can be customized in a variety of ways, including small statues of angels, etchings of your loved one's portrait, or engravings of a favorite psalm. Talk to a memorial grave marker company, like An Thiel Monuments, to find out more about different customization options as well as colors and materials you can choose to create a beautiful tribute to your loved one.