Grave Markers And Headstones: Which One Is Right For Your Loved One's Plot?

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Grave Markers And Headstones: Which One Is Right For Your Loved One's Plot?

4 April 2018
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It is never too-soon to discuss and consider headstones, as this is an integral part of the interment and something that serves as a reminder, even legacy, after you are gone. The thing to know is that you have choices, and to be cognizant of any cemetery regulations that mandate the type of marker you select.


Perhaps the most popular choice in headstones and markers today is granite; it seems relatively inexpensive by comparison to other materials and it offers a regal effect. It isn't porous, so it lasts for years and years, holding up well to the weather and natural elements. Buyers also have a lot of versatility when using granite as it is easily carved, shaped, engraved, and styled to suit your needs.  


Bronze is another widely- popular options for headstones and markers, second only to granite. The beauty of bronze is what compels people to choose it for their grave plots or interment sites, but it could be cost-prohibitive for some. Bronze is easy to care for and maintain, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Surprisingly, many cemeteries only permit bronze markers and headstones for a cohesive look.


The great thing about fieldstone is that you might be able to go out and find your own headstone or marker – for free! If you don't feel up to foraging for your stone, memorial businesses do offer fieldstones for engraving and modifying, as desired by the consumer. Fieldstone has been used to mark burial sites for centuries, being slowly replaced by slate, and now, granite.

Consider some other contemporary options:

  • Quartz markers and headstones are distinctive and beautiful but will require additional augments such as engraved name plates. Quartz is softer than other conventional stones and doesn't hold up as well to engraving or carving as granite or marble.
  • Wood is an eco-friendly option that can be designed to hold-up against the elements. Using reclaimed wood not only makes this a cost-efficient approach but also brings a distinctive style and visual interest to the plot.
  • Metal headstones, such as iron, are modern and long-lasting, but not as widely available as of yet. Typically, metal is most feasible for name plates and adornments on your markers made from other materials, bringing a sophistication to the marker.

It also makes sense to take a good look around your plot to create a headstone that is cohesive and that complements the natural surroundings. Talk to memorial experts regarding your options and pricing information but keep these options in-mind when browsing. Visit a site like for more help.