Reasons To Provide Gloves For The Person Who Will Be Carrying The Cremation Urn

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Reasons To Provide Gloves For The Person Who Will Be Carrying The Cremation Urn

1 May 2018
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When you're planning a funeral service preceded by a cremation, you'll need to decide if you want the urn that holds the cremated remains to be stationary or not. While it's acceptable to have it on a memorial table somewhere in the room, another idea is to have someone — perhaps a family member — carry it up the aisle of the funeral home room. Should you choose this idea, providing gloves for this person is a smart idea. You can buy white cotton gloves inexpensively, and you'll appreciate their inclusion because of the help they provide. Here are some reasons to provide the gloves.

Protection Against Sweat

The family member who holds the important responsibility of carrying the cremation urn during the funeral service will understandably be nervous. When people are nervous, they often sweat. This means that the person may get sweaty hands — which could prove to be disastrous. If the sweat prevents the person from holding onto the cremation urn with a solid grip, he or she may risk dropping it. This incident, of course, could potentially overshadow the service and create a major mess. Gloves can go a long way toward improving the person's grip of the urn.

Prevention Of Smudges

Whether the person's hands are sweaty or not, his or her fingers can leave smudges on the urn. This is especially true if the person's hands are a little oily, which may have occurred if the person has repeatedly wiped his or her oily face to remove tears in the time leading up to the funeral service. Finger smudges can be highly visible on certain urns, including those that have a polished surface. You don't want the urn sitting at the front of the room during the funeral service and being visibly covered in marks. The use of the cotton gloves will keep the urn looking pristine.

A Sign Of Respect

Funerals are often formal events, which is partly why people dress up before attending the service. When the person who carries the cremation urn wears white gloves, it's adding an extra level of formality that pays tribute to the member of the deceased individual. Many people may view this act as a sign of respect, which is important at this difficult time. Once you select the person who will handle this important task, it's valuable to assess his or her hand size so that you can be sure you buy the right size of gloves.

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