4 Things To Know About Direct Cremation

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4 Things To Know About Direct Cremation

14 June 2018
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End-of-life decisions can be difficult to make, and most people include their wishes in their wills. Some people opt for a direct cremation instead of having a traditional funeral and burial service or cremation following a funeral. If you have a loved one that has recently passed and requested a direct cremation in life, continue reading to learn more about what you need to know about direct cremation.

You Can Work with a Funeral Home or a Crematory

When a loved one has requested direct cremation, you can opt to either work with a funeral home or a crematory. Some larger funeral homes also have crematories on site. A direct cremation does not require embalming or any other preservation methods. Both a funeral home and a crematory can provide transportation service and can pick up the body from the place of death.

There Is No Need to Purchase an Expensive Casket

Since direct cremation is done shortly after death and there is not a viewing or open casket funeral, there is no need to purchase an expensive casket. Almost all funeral homes and crematories offer simple containers for the body that can be purchased for an affordable fee. If you would like an urn for the cremains, your representative at the funeral home or crematory can assist you in ordering one.

A Death Certificate Will Be Needed

A death certificate is typically needed for life insurance, Social Security, and taking care of other details after a person passes. When you arrange for a direct cremation, the staff at the funeral home or crematory can take care of everything needed to file the death certificate with your state. After the death certificate is filed by the funeral home or crematory, you should receive an official certificate in a short amount of time.

You Can Plan a Memorial Service

A direct cremation may be done shortly after a person dies, but that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate his or her life with family and friends. While you may not be able to have a traditional funeral with direct cremation, many people choose to hold a memorial service for the deceased in the days or weeks after death. 

Some people opt to use the services of a funeral home when planning a memorial service, while others have less formal services. You are free to plan a memorial service that honors the deceased and brings together family and friends to share memories. 

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