Choosing to Cremate Your Deceased Loved One

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Choosing to Cremate Your Deceased Loved One

22 June 2021
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Assessing all of your options when you are needing to arrange for the burial of a deceased loved one can be a challenge. However, you should avoid overlooking the option of cremating your loved one as it can be a practical and respectful solution.

Is Cremation More Expensive Than Other Burial Options?

There is an assumption that some people will have concerning the costs of cremation. While any burial solution can be expensive, cremations will often be among the most affordable solutions for burying a deceased loved one. This can be due to the ability to avoid needing to buy a casket and a burial plot as well as the ability to skip much of the preparation that a deceased body will require. This is possible with a direct cremation, which will involve the body being processed by these services soon after death.

Is Cremation Worse for the Environment?

Disposing of a deceased body can be surprisingly taxing on the environment. Cemeteries are often extremely hard on the environment due to the amount of deforestation that they may require, and the potential for the chemicals used to preserve bodies seeping into the ground. While cremation will produce some greenhouse gases, these effects will typically be outweighed by the benefits of avoiding the need to fully bury a body. These benefits can be further enhanced by the ability to minimize the greenhouse gases that are produced from creating the casket, transporting the body, and using heavy machinery to dig the grave. Once all of these factors are weighed, cremation can be the superior option for those that want to protect the environment.    

Will You Be Able to View the Cremation Process?

Depending on the preferences of your family, you may find that viewing the cremation can help with providing a sense of closure as to the loss. Some individuals and families will simply assume that it is not possible to view the cremation process. Yet, there are many crematoriums that are able to accommodate the wishes of families that want to view this process. Most often, these facilities will have a viewing area where the family members can observe the body being loaded into the cremation chamber. If you are wanting to utilize this option, you will need to consult with the crematorium as there may be limits on the number of people that can observe a cremation at once. For those with larger families, this may mean that they will have to restrict the family members that are able to witness this process.

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