3 Tips To Choose The Right Headstone Photo

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3 Tips To Choose The Right Headstone Photo

10 November 2021
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Headstones are often used to not only mark a person's burial place but to share a piece of the deceased's life with anyone viewing the headstone. Incorporating a photograph of the deceased is a simple and effective way to personalize any headstone.

If you have chosen to add a photo to your loved one's headstone, you may find it difficult to select the right image.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you identify the photo that will look best on a headstone over time.

1. Steer Clear of Cropped Photos

When it comes to identifying the best photo for display on a headstone, you want to avoid using any cropped photos. The image that you see in the photograph should be the exact image you want to be displayed on the grave marker. Cropped photographs can become pixelated and distorted when their size is adjusted to fit the headstone.

Work closely with your headstone manufacturer to determine the size of the area where the photograph will be displayed. Use this measurement to narrow your options, and select a photograph where the deceased is the only one in the frame.

2. Avoid Busy Backgrounds

You should not only pay attention to the way the person looks in a photograph, but also to the background when selecting an image for a headstone. A busy background can detract from the subject of the photograph.

Any background images included in the photograph will also be displayed on the headstone. Removing the background can create choppy edges that detract from the aesthetic of the grave marker.

Run your selected photo by the headstone manufacturer before finalizing your order. They will be able to tell you if the background will translate well when memorialized in stone.

3.  Focus on Facial Detail

Since a photograph is meant to give onlookers a glimpse of the deceased, it's important that the image you select for a headstone contains enough facial detail to be recognizable. Photos where the subject is far away from the camera can look too generic when transferred to a headstone. Look for a photograph that shows the deceased with a happy facial expression and facing the camera directly.

The result will be a headstone image that is clear, concise, and looks like the person it is intended to honor.

Most headstone manufacturers have strict guidelines when it comes to the inclusion of photographs. Work with your manufacturer to identify the perfect photo for your loved one's headstone. Contact a cemetery headstones service near you to learn more.