What Can Funeral Homes Do for People Who Choose Cremation Services?

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What Can Funeral Homes Do for People Who Choose Cremation Services?

12 April 2022
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When a loved one dies, there are many immediate logistical factors to consider. If you've never gone through the process of planning a funeral and cremation before, some of these considerations may take you by surprise. Fortunately, funeral homes strive to simplify the funeral and cremation process, making it as easy as possible for surviving family members. Here are four things that a funeral home can do for you when you choose cremation services:

1. Pick your loved one up from your home, the hospital, or the morgue.

When a person is cremated, their remains are placed in a kiln where they will be processed into a fine, powdery ash known as cremains. Before this process can occur, your loved one's remains must be taken to the funeral home. Transporting human remains can be unsanitary as well as upsetting, which is why the funeral home you choose will pick up your loved one's remains wherever they are. Remains can be transferred directly from the morgue to the funeral home. Morticians can also pick up remains from private residences.

2. Offer cremation delivery service.

Some people find the idea of stepping into a funeral home upsetting. The time immediately after a loved one's death can be difficult enough, and there's no reason to force yourself to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Many funeral homes offer delivery services for cremation clients. You can schedule a time to have your loved one's cremains delivered to your home. Your loved one's ashes will be carefully packaged in an urn that you've selected or a standard, complimentary urn. A cremation delivery service can remove at least one burden from your schedule so you can focus on more important things.

3. Return your loved one's valuables to you.

People are typically cremated in the clothes they were wearing when they died. However, any valuables found on your loved one's remains, such as wedding rings, watches, and necklaces, will be returned to you along with your loved one's ashes. If you'd like your loved one's clothes returned to you as well, you can specify your request to the funeral home director.

4. Help you plan a funeral.

Cremation and funerals can go hand in hand. You can choose to have a funeral before or after your loved one is cremated. If you choose to have your loved one cremated after the funeral, it's possible to hold a viewing ceremony to allow people to say their final farewells. On the other hand, choosing to have your loved one cremated before the funeral can give you more time to plan the event.